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Take Care of YOU! | Pilates Personal Trainer in Woodland Hills

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As a¬†Pilates Personal Trainer in Woodland Hills, I teach my clients about a balanced, healthy lifestyle. It’s not just about fitness to help you reach your personal goals. Fitness plays a role, however there are 3 other elements to achieve a healthy lifestyle, weight loss, and firm, lean muscles. To reach your personal fitness goals (and maintain them), you have …

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3 Key Components to a Healthy Lifestyle | Pilates Trainer Calabasas

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Hi there ūüôā I am a Pilates Trainer Calabasas and Woodland Hills area, and I offer personal fitness and nutrition coaching. Here are 3¬†Key components to a Healthy Lifestyle. 1. Healthy Condiments: You can’t make a change in your body composition with unhealthy dressings, ketchup, and other sugar laden sauces in your diet. Try these Healthy (and delicious) dressings and …

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Hydration Challenge | Pilates Instructor Woodland Hills

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Studies show it takes 21 days to be successful in creating healthy habits and the best way to set yourself up for success is to try to focus on one healthy habit at a time. For 21 days, stay away from the sodas, the sugar loaded sports drinks/juices, and all alcohol. You can still enjoy coffee, tea, and water. Give …

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Discover Stretching: How, when and why should you stretch? | Fitness Trainer Woodland Hills

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As a Fitness¬†Trainer Woodland Hills, I want to help you:¬†Discover Stretching Having been a dancer who, from age 4, stretched for hours every day, I was caught by surprise when recently asked, ‚ÄúIs it important to stretch?‚ÄĚ I had not realized how many people did not seem to know how, when or why they should stretch! We all come from …

21 Day Detox | 2015

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Here is my 21 day detox: No Dairy No Sugar No Grains No Processed Foods No Caffeine No Alcohol No Drama The majority of the diet consists of: Vegetables,¬†Nuts, Healthy Fats, Grass-fed meat, Organic Chicken,¬†and Wild-Caught Fish. (Only whole foods. No processed foods, sugar, or grains) What you need to know! There is a sense of discipline, commitment, determination, faith, …

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About my Health and Fitness Blog As a health and fitness professional, I am always researching and experimenting to improve my diet and workout regimen.¬† Join me on my journey to a healthier and stronger mind/body connection by subscribing to my health and fitness blog. I will share with you new research on health and fitness, what I am eating/drinking, …