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3 Key Components to a Healthy Lifestyle | Pilates Trainer Calabasas

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Hi there ūüôā I am a Pilates Trainer Calabasas and Woodland Hills area, and I offer personal fitness and nutrition coaching. Here are 3¬†Key components to a Healthy Lifestyle. 1. Healthy Condiments: You can’t make a change in your body composition with unhealthy dressings, ketchup, and other sugar laden sauces in your diet. Try these Healthy (and delicious) dressings and …

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3 Healthy Snacks | Nutrition Coach Woodland Hills

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I guide my clients to enjoy a low carb, moderate protein, and high healthy fat eating pattern. This is based on the Primal Blueprint lifestyle |¬†Nutrition Coach Woodland Hills Sometimes it’s okay to have a snack. I believe the only way to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle is to enjoy healthy snacks in moderation from time to time. …

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Hydration Challenge | Pilates Instructor Woodland Hills

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Studies show it takes 21 days to be successful in creating healthy habits and the best way to set yourself up for success is to try to focus on one healthy habit at a time. For 21 days, stay away from the sodas, the sugar loaded sports drinks/juices, and all alcohol. You can still enjoy coffee, tea, and water. Give …

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Pushup Challenge | Fitness Trainer Woodland Hills

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August Challenge by Kelly Newkirk; Fitness Trainer Woodland Hills Pushups are one of the best exercises because they work all areas of your body all at the same time. You work big muscle groups as well as small ones. You strengthen your core and get your heart rate up all while toning your whole body. Sometimes when we feel tired, …

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The benefits of stretching… and how to make it a part of your Lifestyle

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Stretching¬†is an important component in achieving your fitness goals. It has been a¬†common topic of conversation in my fitness studio lately so I wanted to talk about the benefits of stretching with all my readers. Sometimes it feels so good, and sometimes it isn’t always pleasant. Stretching alone can even cause you to work up a sweat! I’ve recently started …

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Fitness Studio Remodel | Fitness Woodland Hills

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My dream has come true. I am training in my newly renovated Fitness Studio | Fitness¬†Woodland Hills. ¬†My studio is off of Topanga Canyon and right next to Mulholland. I love the oak trees and the beautiful nature that surrounds my studio. The two french doors to my studio open up to my deck, which happens to have an oak …

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Healthy Traveling Tips | Nutrition Coaching Woodland Hills

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6 Tips for Healthy Traveling | Nutrition Coaching Woodland Hills 1. Pack some of the following healthy snacks: avocado, hardboiled eggs, macadamia nuts, salumi, olives, hard (grass-fed)¬†cheese, and canned (wild-caught) sardines. Eat these on the plane and in the hotel as snacks. 2. When eating at a restaurant, always shape your meal around veggies and protein. It’s simple! Stay away …

Best Leg Exercises for Strong, Toned Legs Part 2 | Fitness Training Woodland Hills

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Pilates and Strength Training Techniques | Fitness Training Woodland Hills I talk about personal fitness goals with my clients at my fitness training Woodland Hills studio,¬†and my clients often tell me they want strong, toned legs and better balance. I believe a fitness program combining Pilates and Strength training techniques will give you balance, stability, and strength. Pilates focuses on …

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Best Abs Exercises for Strong, Toned Abs Part 1 | Pilates Trainer Topanga

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A Strong core not only looks and feels good, but it helps you to move efficiently and protects your back from injury |¬†Pilates Trainer Topanga Stability and flexibility are key elements to a healthy spine. Strengthening your core¬†will promote stability in the spine. Working to balance on one knee and¬†one hand and¬†adding movement will build stability and strengthen your core. …