Health Coach Woodland Hills

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Health Coach Woodland Hills

Primal Health Coaching is one of the most scientifically validated methods of health coaching. My mission is to help you conquer obstacles, find solutions, and achieve goals based on your core values.

I use a Walk-and-Talk Method of Health Coaching utilizing a treadmill to walk at a slow pace in a focused and private environment. This helps to start my clients on a path of mobility as we work on discovering the obstacles slowing down progress and creatively finding solutions to move forward towards achieving specific goals.

I also use a Muscle Tension Release Method after the walk-and-talk section to help release muscle tension, lengthen muscles, improve posture, and reduce stress.

I educate my clients on Nutrition as part of my health coaching practice. I provide grocery lists, recipes, and explain how a low carb, real food eating pattern can promote longevity and vitality.

I believe the Primal/Paleo eating pattern will help you achieve optimal health and body composition. Enjoy Meat, fish, fowl, chicken, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds and stay away from processed foods, grains, and other anti-nutrients. I believe a meal should consist of mostly vegetables, some clean protein, and healthy fat. If you were to look at a pie chart based on calories, healthy fat would take about 60%, carbs about 10%, and protein  about 30%. However, if you were to look at a plate of food, veggies would take up 60% of your plate, then clean protein, then healthy fat.  This type of eating pattern also helps the body to recover fast from a hard workout, provides sustained energy, and keeps the brain sharp. To learn more about my Health Coaching Program click here

This is a journey, a lifestyle. Each baby step you take will be a huge step in the right direction. I’m here to help you take those baby steps.. one coaching session at a time. To learn more or get started contact me!