Rehab/ Therapy
By Kelly Newkirk, Woodland Hills, Calabasas, and Tarzana Pilates Trainer

The principles of Pilates are similar with those of physical therapy and therefore Pilates is commonly used for injury prevention and rehabilitation. As a Woodland Hills, Calabasas and Tarzana Pilates Trainer, I have many clients who have come to me with an injury and wanted to continue their recovery while working with a professional personal trainer. I also have clients who have healed from an injury and needed a personal trainer to help them get stronger and focus on prevention of another injury.  

Once clients have their doctors approval for exercise after an injury, I am able to take on most clients who need to rehab an injury. With a thorough understanding of what the injury is, and discussing it with the clients’ physical therapist as necessary, I am able to understand what kind of work needs to be done and where to place focus.

Pilates can help injuries by strengthening the weak muscles and increasing stability by performing slow, controlled movements with focus on form. Pilates is great for injury prevention because it focuses on creating a mind body connection, improving proprioception and balance, strengthening the core, balancing locked long and locked short muscles, and encouraging efficient movement through proper alignment.

Overall, having a foundation in Pilates will help balance muscles, improving posture, alignment, and balance.

As a Woodland Hills, Calabasas and Tarzana Pilates Trainer, I welcome anyone who would like to recover from an injury and/or prevent an injury to call for an appointment at my Private Pilates Studio. (213) 373- 1348. Your first session is free.

I also train clients looking for general fitness, improved body composition, pre/post natal fitness, and wedding prep.


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