Personal Trainer for My Wedding

Congratulations! If you are looking at this page,  you may be recently engaged!

Pilates and resistance training is an important part of your wedding preparation. Most brides want toned arms and the best way to achieve that is to combine cardio, Pilates and resistance training. I use resistance bands, bungees, springs, and light weights in combination with interval training to help build lean muscles and burn fat.

If you want to look amazing in your rehearsal dinner dress, wedding dress and honeymoon bikini, you need to give your self a good 6 weeks of training. The best results don’t come overnight.

My goal is to make every bride GLOW from the inside out and look absolutely stunning on her big day! Its not about a quick fix. It is important to plan ahead, get started right away with personal training and nutrition.


12 Pack


$1200 total

36 Pack


$2880 total

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