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Take Care of YOU! | Pilates Personal Trainer in Woodland Hills

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As a Pilates Personal Trainer in Woodland Hills, I teach my clients about a balanced, healthy lifestyle. It’s not just about fitness to help you reach your personal goals. Fitness plays a role, however there are 3 other elements to achieve a healthy lifestyle, weight loss, and firm, lean muscles. To reach your personal fitness goals (and maintain them), you have …

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Transform your body and kickstart a healthy new year with 50-100 grams of carbs per day. Article by Kelly Newkirk | Woodland Hills Weight loss Personal Trainer You can achieve 80% of your body composition goals just by eating primally. Once you achieve your body composition goals you can maintain it with 100-150 carbs per day. As a Woodland Hills Weight …

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3 Key Components to a Healthy Lifestyle | Pilates Trainer Calabasas

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Hi there 🙂 I am a Pilates Trainer Calabasas and Woodland Hills area, and I offer personal fitness and nutrition coaching. Here are 3 Key components to a Healthy Lifestyle. 1. Healthy Condiments: You can’t make a change in your body composition with unhealthy dressings, ketchup, and other sugar laden sauces in your diet. Try these Healthy (and delicious) dressings and …

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3 Healthy Snacks | Nutrition Coach Woodland Hills


I guide my clients to enjoy a low carb, moderate protein, and high healthy fat eating pattern. This is based on the Primal Blueprint lifestyle | Nutrition Coach Woodland Hills Sometimes it’s okay to have a snack. I believe the only way to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle is to enjoy healthy snacks in moderation from time to time. …

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Healthy Traveling Tips | Nutrition Coaching Woodland Hills


6 Tips for Healthy Traveling | Nutrition Coaching Woodland Hills 1. Pack some of the following healthy snacks: avocado, hardboiled eggs, macadamia nuts, salumi, olives, hard (grass-fed) cheese, and canned (wild-caught) sardines. Eat these on the plane and in the hotel as snacks. 2. When eating at a restaurant, always shape your meal around veggies and protein. It’s simple! Stay away …

21 Day Detox | 2015

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Here is my 21 day detox: No Dairy No Sugar No Grains No Processed Foods No Caffeine No Alcohol No Drama The majority of the diet consists of: Vegetables, Nuts, Healthy Fats, Grass-fed meat, Organic Chicken, and Wild-Caught Fish. (Only whole foods. No processed foods, sugar, or grains) What you need to know! There is a sense of discipline, commitment, determination, faith, …