Improving General Fitness
By Kelly Newkirk, Personal Trainer
Woodland Hills and Calabasas

As a personal trainer Woodland Hills and Calabasas, I custom design each fitness program to accommodate my clients’ specific needs and goals. I use Cardio Endurance, Pilates, Strength, and Interval Training to help my clients achieve optimal Fitness and body composition. 

I focus on upper body, lower body, and core while keeping an intense pace to build endurance and stamina. I use different methods of resistance including springs, bungees, and weights to build strength, stability, balance, and lean muscles. 

For additional cardio endurance training and interval training, I incorporate the treadmill, Pilates Jumpboard, and/or the Fitness Trampoline/rebounder.

For Pilates, I use my Pilates Reformer, Chair, and Springboard. I always provide variations and new challenges ensuring my clients are never bored and their bodies are constantly changing. I focus on form, technique, posture, and alignment to make sure each exercise is effective and safe.

I base each session around how my client is feeling that day. Some days you have more energy than others. It’s my job to motivate my clients so they get the most out of their workout and also to know when I need to take it easy so they don’t get sick or injured. Communication and intuition play a major role in each personal training session.


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