Kelly Newkirk’s Private Pilates Studio
Woodland Hills


  • Located near Topanga Canyon and Mullholland Dr.
  • Close to Calabasas, Hidden Hills, and Tarzana
  • Beautiful peaceful setting surrounded by Oak Trees and Mountains
  • Comfortable, Zen like environment, naturally lit room with a view of nature and away from traffic and pollution


  • Balanced Body Pilates Equipment including:
    • Allegro 2 Reformer with JumpBoard
    • Exo Chair with a split pedal
    • Pilates Springboard
  • Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline for low impact cardio and toning exercises
  • Variety of props and such as resistance bands, Bosu, balls, bungees, and light weights to compliment your training
  • Ballet Barre for toning and lengthening
  • Treadmill for cardio and interval training

Studio Benfits

  • Experience 100% privacy; only you and the trainer in the room
  • Ability to concentrate, no distractions, trainers or clients, strictly one on one or semi private
  • Get the most out of your personal training experience: clean, new studio with state of the art Pilates equipment
  • No more feeling intimidated in a gym
  • No need to worry about what you are wearing or how you look
  • Complete privacy

Kelly Creates Fun

Kelly is your Personal Trainer and BFF. The one you turn to for much needed advice, encouragement, and support. Together you will accomplish goals and make lasting life changes!

Pricing for Kelly’s Private Pilates Studio

All Sessions Are 55 Minutes

Book an Appt: (213) 373-1348

  • 12 Pack

    $100 per session

  • 24 Pack

    $90 per session

  • 36 Pack

    $80 per session

  • 1 Session

    $110 per session

Kelly’s Style of Training

Kelly has an in-depth education from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and Pilates Sports Center along with her continued education and 10 years of experience in teaching group fitness and personal training. Kelly trains clients of all ages and levels. Here is a list of the styles of training she has experience with:

  • Strength Training
  • Low Impact Cardio Training
  • Pre/Post Natal Pilates
  • Wedding Prep
  • Rehab For Injuries
  • Preventing Injuries: Balance/Stability
  • Rebounding/ Fitness Trampoline
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Cardio Endurance
  • Improving Performance
  • Improving Body Composition
  • Nutrition

How She Trains Her Clients

Throughout the hour, Kelly focuses on upper body, lower body, and core while keeping an intense pace to build endurance and stamina. She uses different methods of resistance including springs, bungees, and weights to build strength, stability, balance, and lean muscles. Kelly incorporates cardio endurance training and interval training using the treadmill, Pilates Jumpboard, and/or the Fitness Trampoline/rebounder to improve body composition and performance. To give her clients an incredible Pilates workout, Kelly uses her Pilates Reformer, Chair, and Springboard.

“I provide proper modifications to help my clients maintain form and feel comfortable in different positions. I always change up the workout to ensure my clients are never bored and their bodies are constantly challenged.  I focus on form, technique, posture, and alignment to make sure each exercise is effective and safe.”-Kelly Newkirk


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