Woodland Hills, Calabasas, and Tarzana Pilates Trainer talks about Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness

Pilates is the best workout for pregnancy!!  As a Woodland Hills, Calabasas and Tarzana Pilates Trainer am able to understand the needs, limitations, and risks associated with pre and post natal clients and will help them to have a smooth, enjoyable pregnancy and recovery! I have a private Pilates studio in Woodland Hills near Topanga and Mullholland where my clients can feel comfortable and have complete privacy.

I always make sure I have a doctor’s consent before my pre and post natal clients start or continue any form of exercise.

I focus on the following principles of Pilates when training my pregnant clients: Relaxation, breathing, mind/ body connection, balance/ centering/ concentration, postural alignment, form/ precision/ control, and core. While flow and stamina are also goals of Pilates, I don’t place too much focus on them with my pregnant clients.

Some of the things I avoid: overstretching, full squats or sheering forces, spinal extension, inversions, and overworking the abdominals.

My goal for cardio with my pregnant clients is only 50-60% of their capability, and I am careful to keep their heart rate from exceeding 140 BPM. I also transition the client slowly to prevent dizziness when changing positions.  I monitor exhaustion, shortness of breath, lightheadedness and dizziness as they are indicators of overexertion or dehydration. To prevent dehydration, I recommend my clients drink water during and after exercise. I always provide rest and water breaks.

I am also informed of when it is not okay for the pregnant client to lay on their back during their pregnancy and encourage them to consult their doctors as well regarding this matter considering all cases are different.

My goal for my pregnant clients is to maintain their fitness level and strengthen their pelvic floor throughout the duration of the pregnancy to achieve an easy and smooth conception, have a quick recovery, and be able to get them back into their pre baby body as fast as possible!

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