Woodland Hills and Calabasas Pilates Trainer Kelly trains clients of all ages and levels

Pilates is…

a non-impact, focused, form of exercise that tones, stretches, and strengthens the body so that it can achieve maximum efficiency with minimum effort. Pilates places focus on strengthening the core to help build an efficient body while it also helps to create long, lean muscles, and stamina throughout the entire body.

As a Woodland Hills and Calabasas Pilates Trainer, I believe Pilates is the “backbone of fitness”. Having an understanding of the principles of pilates will improve any and all other forms of fitness training and every day life. I use the Mat, Reformer, Springboard, and the Exo chair to train my clients in Pilates. Each piece of equipment, excluding the mat, is designed to provide resistance against tensioned springs to isolate and develop specific muscle groups. I work with my clients to achieve an improvement of body alignment and breathing, increased body awareness, and efficient movement.  I emphasize spinal and pelvic alignment, engaging core, and mind body coordination while I work the entire body. Trained in the classical-progressive approach to Pilates, I teach my clients to move with a neutral spine and pelvis in order to strengthen the body in its natural state; maintaining the natural curves of the spine, while I work to strengthen all of the beautiful muscles that surround it.

9 Principles of Pilates that I focus on throughout the training session:

  • Core
  • Breathing
  • Postural Alignment
  • Form/Precision/Control
  • Balance/ Centering/ Concentration
  • Stamina
  • Relaxation
  • Mind Body Conditioning
  • Flow

How I Train My ClientsPilates Personal Trainer Woodland Hills

I use my Pilates reformer, chair, and springboard when I train my clients in Pilates. I also add in Cardio depending on my clients goals. I base each session around how my client is feeling that day. Some days you have more energy than others. It’s my job to motivate my clients so they get the most out of their workout and also to know when I need to take it easy so they don’t get sick or injured. Communication and intuition play a major role in each personal training session.


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