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6 Tips for Healthy Traveling | Nutrition Coaching Woodland Hills

1. Pack some of the following healthy snacks: avocado, hardboiled eggs, macadamia nuts, salumi, olives, hard (grass-fed) cheese, and canned (wild-caught) sardines. Eat these on the plane and in the hotel as snacks.

2. When eating at a restaurant, always shape your meal around veggies and protein. It’s simple! Stay away from the pasta, bread, and dessert.
3. Pack your favorite protein powder and bring a blender bottle. This can be a healthy snack or meal anytime you don’t have access to healthy food. I love Primal Fuel in either chocolate coconut or vanilla coconut.

4. Buy 1 or 2 big bottles of water as soon as you get through security so you stay hydrated on the plane and have water in your hotel room.

5. Don’t eat any of the snacks the airlines give you (unless they are nuts).

6. Try the 5 minute core workout (below) each day you are away.

I hope you enjoyed my 6 tips for healthy traveling | Nutrition Coaching Woodland Hills. Here is a core workout video from my home workout program, I’m Fit & Happy. Our members receive 9 home workout videos each month plus monthly challenges to help create healthy habits. This is our April Abs Challenge, but my clients love to do it year round! Try it out…

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