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Pilates and Strength Training Techniques | Fitness Training Woodland Hills

I talk about personal fitness goals with my clients at my fitness training Woodland Hills studio, and my clients often tell me they want strong, toned legs and better balance. I believe a fitness program combining Pilates and Strength training techniques will give you balance, stability, and strength. Pilates focuses on proper body alignment, mind-body connection, proprioception, and pelvic stability. Strength training relies on a scientific system of placing the perfect amount of stress on a muscle (resistance) with a specific amount of repetitions and sets, and a perfect amount of rest between exercises and sets for the muscle to recover efficiently. In my opinion, Pilates combined with strength training techniques will strengthen your entire body from the inside out, including small stabilizing muscles as well as larger superficial muscles to create an efficient, functional, strong, lean body.

How to perform the Single Leg Backwards Lunge | Fitness Training Woodland Hills

  1. Fitness Training Woodland HillsStand on a single leg with the opposite leg in passe. (Passe: lift knee to hip level and connect toe to opposite knee)
  2. Step back softly (about 3 feet) onto a bent leg and center weight between both legs. Both legs should be bent close to a 90 degree angle with the heel of the back foot raised in a forced arch. Your weight should be distributed equally between the heel of the front foot and the ball of the back foot. Squeeze your glutes and engage your core to help you sfitness training woodland Hillstabilize in this position.
  3. Press through the heel of the front foot to stand and return to your starting position.
  4. Keep your torso upright (shoulders over hips and ears aligned over shoulders) throughout the entire exercise.

SETS, REPS, & Modifications 

Number of repetitions: 12-15

Number of sets: 3 on each leg (alternate legs)

To make it more challenging: Hold a 2-5lb weight in each hand and add an arm exercise. In the photo provided, I am performing an overhead press.

To make it less challenging: Hold on to something like a counter, a chair back, or a ballet bar. I often have my client on a Pilates Reformer doing a single leg press. The Pilates Reformer is a safe way to build strength in your legs without 100% weight-bearing. On a Pilates reformer, you can perform the move on your back using springs for resistance. Some of my clients have knee injuries, arthritis, or reduced cartilage and for these issues, I recommend using the Pilates Reformer for strength training the legs.

How I train my Clients | Fitness Training Woodland Hills

I love to combine Pilates and Strength training techniques with my clients to help them achieve their goals even when they have limitations. To achieve a strong, well-balanced body, it’s important to challenge your body with the right amount of stress, but also to be safe and use controlled movements to prevent injury. Most people have some type of limitation that requires special attention or modification and what works for one person may not work for the next person. There are many ways to achieve strong, toned legs and my job is to figure which avenues to take so we achieve the goal safely and successfully.

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