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Best Abs Exercises for Strong, Toned Abs Part 1 | Pilates Trainer Topanga


A Strong core not only looks and feels good, but it helps you to move efficiently and protects your back from injury | Pilates Trainer Topanga

Stability and flexibility are key elements to a healthy spine. Strengthening your core will promote stability in the spine. Working to balance on one knee and one hand and adding movement will build stability and strengthen your core.

Here is one of the best core exercises to get a strong, toned core | Pilates Trainer Topanga

Opposite Arm & Leg Reach With Contraction :

Set it up right to make sure you have the proper alignment. Start on all fours with hands shoulder width apart, shoulders over wrists, knees hip width apart, and hips over knees. Head should be in line with your spine and imagine you have a lemon under your chin.

Pilates Trainer TopangaReach your left arm forward, anchor your left shoulder away from your ear, and point your thump up. Then, reach your right leg straight back behind you with a pointed foot.

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Inhale and reach your body long, then exhale and round your back as you contract your belly towards your spine and your left elbow to your right knee. Focus on maintaining your balance throughout the movement and move slowly.

Pilates Trainer Topanga

Return the to starting position on the next inhale. Repeat this move 10-15 times on each side. Perform 2-3 sets.

Pilates Trainer Topanga

I hope you enjoy this move. It’s a wonderful exercise to promote a strong, toned core and it is also going to promote a healthy spine as it involves stability and flexibility | Pilates Trainer Topanga

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