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Toning Your Butt & Thighs | Woodland Hills Personal Fitness

Your butt and thighs play an important role in helping your legs look and feel strong and toned.  When your butt is lifted and your thighs are toned, your legs will look great.

At my Woodland Hills Personal Fitness studio, I always target butt and thighs. Most of the time I use a Pilates Reformer because you can change the resistance of the springs to to add intensity while maintaining proper body alignment.

I offer my home workout membership program “I’m Fit & Happy” for free to my Woodland Hills Personal Fitness Clients so they can work out from home in between our sessions. The workouts in my videos include Mat Pilates, Sculpt Tone, Sculpt Cardio, Butt/Thighs, Core, and Stretch. One of the butt & thighs exercises I teach in my home workout videos is the quadruped leg lift so I am going to teach you how to do the quadruped leg lift below.

How to tone your butt & thighs | Woodland Hills Personal Fitness

  1. Balance on all fours with your shoulders aligned over your wrist crease. Hands are shoulder width apart.
  2. Align one knee under your hip.
  3. Keep your head in line with your spine and imagine you have a lemon under your chin.
  4. Reach a straight leg with a pointed foot behind you in line with the same side hip.
  5. Lift a straight leg up to hip level keeping your abs in and your spine stabilized. (Don’t arch your back to lift your leg, only lift your leg as high as you can keep your hips and spine stabilized.)
  6. Squeeze your glutes as tight as you can.
  7. Lower your big toe to the ground keeping your leg straight.

Woodland Hills Personal Fitness

Woodland Hills Personal Fitness

SETS, REPS, & Modifications 

Number of repetitions: 25

Number of sets: 3 on each leg (alternate legs)

To make it more challenging: Wrap an ankle weight up to 5 lbs. around your ankle.

To make it less challenging: Perform 10-15 reps each leg for only 2 sets.

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