Coconut oil | Best Kept Secret!

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 Looking for a moisturizer that actually works and contains NO chemicals? One that will also boost your immunity and promote heart health?  Read on about Coconut oil!

Fats and oils are composed of molecules known as fatty acids. There are short, medium, and long chain fatty acids. Most of the fats and oils we consume are long chain fatty acids (LCFA). Because LCFA’s are larger molecules, they are difficult for the body to breakdown. They are also stored as fat. Medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) are immediately burned and utilized by the liver as energy. They do not need to be digested by the liver and gall bladder, resulting in immediate energy and the ability to use fat for energy instead of storing it. Coconut oil is considered to be one of the most natural sources of medium chain fatty acids.

We have been told for years that saturated fats are bad for you and to choose foods with low or no saturated fat.  Research studies are now proving this theory wrong! In this article, I will explain to you why coconut oil is still good for you even though it is very high in saturated fat.

One of the main components of saturated fat is Lauric Acid. Coconut oil contains about 40-50 percent Lauric Acid. When present in the body, Lauric Acid converts to monolaurin, which acts as an anti viral, anti microbial, and anti bacterial agent for your body! It kills viruses, bacteria, and fungus in the body! In my opinion, feeding coconut oil to the body should be a part of daily maintenance for a healthy body!

I believe Coconut Oil to be one of the world’s BEST KEPT SECRETS! You can cook with it or use it externally in your hair or on your skin! Used internally or externally, the benefits are mind-blowing!

 *Here are some of the benefits of Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil boosts immunity, improves digestion, increases metabolic rate, increases heat production, improves circulation, fights infections, fights acne, maintains a healthy heart, increases energy, and even helps maintain skin and hair!

Coconut oil penetrates easily and deeply into the skin, works extremely well as a moisturizer, and protects the skin and hair from free radical damage; even ultraviolet exposure!

When taken internally, Coconut oil helps you feel satiated; potentially curbing your appetite for a snack.

Coconut oil is one of the best oils for cooking at high heat. Because of its high saturated fat, it is less susceptible to damage from heat. It doesn’t oxidize under high heats like other oils do .

The best coconut oil to use is extra virgin coconut oil. Olive oil is a healthy oil to use for preparing food without heat. It is great for salad dressing, however, when under heat, a toxic imbalance occurs at the cellular level.

When you buy coconut oil, it is solid in a jar. In the summertime, if it is warm in your house, it will turn into liquid. If it is solid and you need it to be a liquid to use it for a dressing or body oil, run it under hot water.

* A few ways I like to use Coconut Oil:

In my coffee with grass-fed butter

For cooking

As a moisturizer for my hair, scalp or skin

*Interesting story:

*Alzheimer’s Disease: Dr. Mary Newport’s study: Dr. Mary Newport gave her husband, who was suffering from dementia, 1 tbsp. of coconut oil twice a day. After only 5 days, she noticed he had less confusion and more energy. He felt as though a cloud had lifted and he had his life back”.








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