Happy New Year


Beginning now, make every moment become a New Year; a new opportunity to experience life to its fullest and in doing so; become a better version of yourself.

Imagine! JOY and LOVE celebrated almost every day; not just Valentine’s Day. Imagine! Giving THANKS and being GRATEFUL almost every day; not just Thanksgiving.  Does thinking about this give you chills? Imagine how you will feel when you actually ACCOMPLISH it!

When discussing resolutions for a New Year with others, most people indicated the desire to become better versions of themselves. I believe this to be something to which we can all relate.

Some examples people provided are:

“Being less judgmental”

“Appreciating life everyday”

“Eating healthy and staying active”

“Maintaining balance in life when it comes to work, play, exercise, and eating healthy”


Becoming a better version of you is not just a New Year’s resolution. Every day is a new opportunity to get more out of life and share joy and love with anyone you interact with. Compliment someone, smile at someone, do something that challenges you mentally and physically, and most importantly stop putting yourself down. Today, consider the things you say to yourself throughout the day and if they are not something your best friend would say to you, replace them with something encouraging or loving. You wouldn’t allow someone to last 2 minutes in your life talking to you the way you sometimes talk to yourself. This may sound strange, but try admiring your own attributes, compliment yourself when you give your all to something, when you do something thoughtful, or when you reach a personal goal…why not be your own best friend? Do something nice for yourself just because. The more you love yourself, the more JOY you will have in your life, the more POWER you will have to create a better version of yourself and the more you will have to GIVE as a human being. Isn’t that what life is all about? Enjoy life. Raise your standards. Give back. Repeat.