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Fitness Studio Remodel | Fitness Woodland Hills


My dream has come true. I am training in my newly renovated Fitness Studio | Fitness Woodland Hills.  My studio is off of Topanga Canyon and right next to Mulholland. I love the oak trees and the beautiful nature that surrounds my studio. The two french doors to my studio open up to my deck, which happens to have an oak tree growing through the middle of it!

My favorite things about my fitness studio remodel |Fitness Woodland Hills

  • 100% privacy: No distractions or people to worry about watching or listening in.
  • Space: I’ve added more space, which creates a very open vibe.
  • Simplicity and Organization: I love a modern, simple look, especially in a gym. With so many props and fitness accessories, things can feel cluttered. With my new design, everything has a place and nothing is on the floor.
  • Zen and serene: The colors I chose and the finishing touches create a calm, yet uplifting feel.
  • Equipment and props: I have the perfect mix of equipment to give the best, most effective workout. I love my ballet barre, Allegro 2 Balance Body Reformer, Springboard, treadmill, and Pilates EXO Chair. Plus the fun, balls, bands, weights, and Bosu add a wonderful dynamic!

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I hope you enjoyed hearing about my recent fitness studio remodel | Fitness Woodland Hills. Here is a core workout video from my home workout program, I’m Fit & Happy. Our members receive 9 home workout videos each month plus monthly challenges to help create healthy habits. This is our April Abs Challenge, but my clients love to do it year round! Try it out…

I personally train clients in Pilates, Strength, Cardio, Weight Loss, and Nutrition. Fitness Woodland Hills, Ca. Read more about my training services here.

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