the benefits of stretching

The benefits of stretching… and how to make it a part of your Lifestyle


Stretching is an important component in achieving your fitness goals. It has been a common topic of conversation in my fitness studio lately so I wanted to talk about the benefits of stretching with all my readers. Sometimes it feels so good, and sometimes it isn’t always pleasant. Stretching alone can even cause you to work up a sweat! I’ve recently started …

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Discover Stretching: How, when and why should you stretch? | Fitness Trainer Woodland Hills

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As a Fitness Trainer Woodland Hills, I want to help you: Discover Stretching Having been a dancer who, from age 4, stretched for hours every day, I was caught by surprise when recently asked, “Is it important to stretch?” I had not realized how many people did not seem to know how, when or why they should stretch! We all come from …