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6 Tips for Healthy Traveling | Nutrition Coaching Woodland Hills 1. Pack some of the following healthy snacks: avocado, hardboiled eggs, macadamia nuts, salumi, olives, hard (grass-fed) cheese, and canned (wild-caught) sardines. Eat these on the plane and in the hotel as snacks. 2. When eating at a restaurant, always shape your meal around veggies and protein. It’s simple! Stay away …

Best Leg Exercises for Strong, Toned Legs Part 2 | Fitness Training Woodland Hills


Pilates and Strength Training Techniques | Fitness Training Woodland Hills I talk about personal fitness goals with my clients at my fitness training Woodland Hills studio, and my clients often tell me they want strong, toned legs and better balance. I believe a fitness program combining Pilates and Strength training techniques will give you balance, stability, and strength. Pilates focuses on …

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Best Abs Exercises for Strong, Toned Abs Part 1 | Pilates Trainer Topanga


A Strong core not only looks and feels good, but it helps you to move efficiently and protects your back from injury | Pilates Trainer Topanga Stability and flexibility are key elements to a healthy spine. Strengthening your core will promote stability in the spine. Working to balance on one knee and one hand and adding movement will build stability and strengthen your core. …

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Discover Stretching: How, when and why should you stretch? | Fitness Trainer Woodland Hills

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As a Fitness Trainer Woodland Hills, I want to help you: Discover Stretching Having been a dancer who, from age 4, stretched for hours every day, I was caught by surprise when recently asked, “Is it important to stretch?” I had not realized how many people did not seem to know how, when or why they should stretch! We all come from …

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Best Leg Exercises for Strong, Toned Legs | Part 1


Legs should be an important part of any workout routine. I will share with you the Best Leg Exercises for Strong, Toned Legs | Part 1 I will explain how I break down the Single Leg Deadlift and offer ways to make the exercise more or less challenging. I hope you enjoy the Best Leg Exercises for Strong, Toned Legs | Part 1! Form is …